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Leg Press (GOF-17156)

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Leg Press is one of the most preferred outdoor open gym equipment. Found installed in parks and playgrounds it is an example of the simple machine which can be used to stay fit.  The Leg Press is an extremely important exercise and used to train waist, abdomen joints, and lower body. It enhances their flexibility, leg power, and cadiomonary function. Most individuals in Delhi NCR prefer to use Leg Press to keep themselves fit and fine. You can find it installed in many parts of the city.
Grokids in India provides innovative and technologically differentiated gym equipment. Leg Press by Grokids serves the fitness needs of a considerable number of people looking to stay fit. The best part of our products is that this equipment is built of heavy gauge steel, making it very durable. It undergoes rigorous testing before delivery. You cannot find any defect in our items. We offer this at a competitive price.

Health Benefits of Leg Press

  • Strengthen the gluteal muscles
  • Comparatively safe and easy to use
  • Strengthen the Quadriceps
  • Helps in achieving greater balance
  • Builds stronger bones

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